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Learn more about the DOD story, and why a DOD is the dash camera you need in your vehicle.

DOD Australia

The Australian Dash Camera market is everchanging, henceforth came the revolution of DOD cameras: bringing superior quality and reliability combined with discreetness for everyone's needs.

Since 2013, DOD has been a market leader and premium dash camera brand, achieving Choice Magazine's Dash Cam of the Year award due to it's excellent quality and outstanding picture clarity.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, your DOD camera comes with outstanding customer service and the guarantees provided under Australian Consumer Law. Have an issue with your camera? We know how to help. Get in touch today for first class service and information.

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Why DOD?

ISO Rating of 12800 ISO Rating of 12800
Higher ISO Rating enables excellent night time vision while retaining image quality.
Full HD @ 60fps Full HD @ 60FPS
1080P and 60FPS help capture those critical moments in any scenario.
Leading Customer Support
																									   Leading Customer Support
Our office has full time staff ready to answer any question you might have.
10Hz GPS Speed
																							  10Hz GPS Speed
Your location and speed matter, so your speed updates are critical to every moment. Don't be let down by a slow GPS.
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