As DOD Australia, we are proud to present to you our brand new website which is now up and running; full of all things DOD!
We've been working hard and hard with sleepless nights to get this out as soon as possible, so now we're released to the public and we hope you like it!
As the site is newly released, don't worry if you see the occasional typo or bit of incorrect information - we are now going through the phase of double checking everything so you have the right information. All feedback is taken seriously, and we'd love to hear from you! Please use our contact us form or drop us a line :).

Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter - we'll be releasing DOD related content and information pertaining to new firmware or product updates. The latest information is the greatest.

Improved Service

A+ service with downloads, FAQ's and full time staff to support all of our loyal DOD customers in Australia.

Easy Navigation

Easily navigate and view details on all of the latest DOD models, including an effective comparison page for website visitors to use.

More Reputation

With a strong reputation and growing dealer network in Australia, DOD will be continuing to grow and lead the market.