Leading Video Quality and Style

The all new RC500S-1CH by DOD is a fantastic single channel dash cam, with exceptional features and crystal clear video recording. 

This new camera is a front-only version of the RC500S-2CH, great for any users that like the very popular form factor of the RC500S-2CH, but might not need the extra rear camera right away.

Customers can add the rear camera (RC1) any time after to make it a Full HD 1080P front and rear dash camera system.

RC500S-1CH Features:

  • Full HD 1080P @ 60FPS
  • Smooth video recording
  • Built-in GPS & WiFi
  • 15 Mbps Bitrate
  • Super Night Vision Quality ISO 12800
  • Sleek Design with rotatable mount
  • OPTIONAL Rear Camera RC1
  • Can be changed to a RC500S-2CH by adding rear camera
  • Improved Parking Mode with pre-buffered recording

Different to the current 2 channel version the RC500S-2CH, the new RC500S-1CH is compatible with DOD pre-buffered Parking Mode features. 

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Unboxing video coming soon!